Manual Track Merge

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Select multiple files, right click and merge, without having to scan whole library/playlist for duplicates.
Brings up the same “duplicates” screen, where you can choose which item to keep, and which cue points if relevant. Being able to choose ‘date added’ to the earliest occurrence in below screen shot would be great, too.
Once keeper and info is selected, all occurences of the track in other playlists are replaced, and option is given to delete or move the unselected files.

How will this feature help you and others?

For example, I received an update to a track from a promo pool (there was a glitch). I could merge these into the one I want, without having to undergo a scan.
This is also useful if I’ve ripped a track pre-release from somewhere, or have a lower quality version, and have bought the HQ version once it’s released, but know exactly what track(s) I want to merge.
Another use would be when streaming tracks are played, but then I finally get a local copy, I can merge these along with playcount/histories etc.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
I believe so, with Dupin, for example, however that only works with iTunes.

Does a workaround currently exist?
I could manually do it now with Lexicon, but it involves sending all 3 to a playlist and then scanning that playlist.
You can also merge playlists with lexicon currently, but that’s different/unrelated.

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I don’t think this would be so useful, especially since you can already do the duplicate scan very quickly on a playlist.

Sadly it’s not picking them up as duplicates :frowning:

Have you tried increasing the tolerance? That will give more results.
But yeah if they are too different, it will not pick them up. You could run some recipes on them to get rid of some meaningless text in the title, that will improve results too.

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Thank you - feel free to merge this with my other AIF thread if need be.

I think this could be quite useful.

I regularly scroll through my library and spot songs that I might have from a streaming provider as well as locally. It’d be great to be able to merge them as I’m going through them. Either that or find a way of adding streamed tracks to the duplicate finder.

For Beatport tracks you can do that already, see Transfer Streaming To Local | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

The beta also has the ability to instantly replace streaming Beatport tracks with their purchased counterpart (if you are logged in)

My situation is I had a lot of tracks on Tidal and now I’m ripping my old CD collection and tidying up my old hard drives, I know I can replace a lot of those songs with local files. I understand that the beat grid will have to be re-analysed but it’d be really helpful to be able to manually (or even automatically) merge metadata and playlist info when I come across these doubles.

I suppose it teaches me right for thinking steaming was instantly going to take over DJing!