Marking incoming tracks as done failure

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Lexicon version: 1.5.0

Bug description:
I use the incoming feature to hold tracks that need to be worked on. I use a filter in my smart playlists to exclude anything that is marked as incoming - this keeps my playlists tidy and only containing tracks that have been organised so that they are readyto play.

The problem I am having though is that Incoming does not work - I click the Selected Done button and I get an error nessage stating - “Not all tracks were moved, see the Report” the report link doesn’t open anything though.
If I navigate away from Incoming and then back again - the track I wanted to be marked as done and no longer incoming is back inside the Incoming list again.

Step by step to reproduce:

I detailed the steps above…


Can I suggest that older versions of lexicon remain easily available for download? I am depending on this software and would appreciate being able to downgrade easily. The quality of this release is still beta nad in no way stable in my opinion - I’d rather not be beta testing…

I have some additional detail - it appears that changing the how the file will be organised in the target folder is the cause of the issue.
I added a third subfolder pattern and was able to mark a track as done, so it appears that if a file does not need to move on the filesystem when marked as done, then the update to the special incoming playlist fails leaving the track there.
If I mark as incoming again and try to use selected done then it fails unless I modify the subfolder pattern again.

I managed to figure out the download URL for the previous version which I’ll share here for anyone else affected:

Lexicon 1.4.0 Mac

Thanks for reporting this! There will be a bugfix release this week, I’ll be sure to include a fix for this

I can’t reproduce it here yet. Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

Sorry, just noticed you already did, missed it. Checking again

Are your tracks analyzing or queued for analysis by any chance?

I can’t really see a reason why this would happen other than Lexicon skipping those tracks entirely.

I can’t find any reason why setting the 3rd subfolder pattern would change the outcome though. Seems like there might be an error in the Selected Done process but nothing in the logs.

I’ve made a special Lexicon build with more logging: Lexicon Installer 1.5.0 incoming logging.exe - Google Drive

Can you install that, click Selected Done on a few tracks and confirm the broken behavior still happens, then upload database & logs?

Hi, I’ve just uploaded the database and logs (this is from 1.4.0). I’m not sure if there will be any valuable log information though as I did remove the lexicon folder where the database and logs are stored in an attempt to fix things then restored from a backup.
I’m using lexicon on a mac so I’d need a mac build to test.

To help understand how this issue might occur - my process for adding new music is as follows:

1 Download tracks (usually in a zip file so uncompress which results in a folder of files)
2 Create a source playlist in lexicon (so I can keep track of when and where I sourced my rtracks from)
3 Drag folder onto the new playlist
4 Separately drag the folder onto mixed in key to analyse the camelot keys of the tracks
5 Reload tags with just the key information selected to import the camelot keys
6 Mark all tracks in the playlist as incoming
7 Go to the Incoming view and select the new tracks then mark as done (this moves the tracks into their final destination in the file strtucture I’ve setup)
8 Go back to the source playlist, select all tracks and mark them as incoming again
9 Sync the source playlist with traktor
10 Open traktor and analyse the tracks for bpm & beat grid - quit traktor once this operation completes
11 Import the source playlist back from traktor only importing cues and beatgrid
12 Work on the tracks adding cues, loops and tags as necessary then mark them as done as each track is completed - this final mark as done caused the issue for me with the track at first being removed from incoming but upon navigating away from and back to incoming the track would still be present there

I understand its a bit of a convoluted process but it’s how I’ve worked on my whole library so I prefer to analyse my tracks in a consistent way. The process above works fine in 1.4.0 and previous versions

Thanks for those details! Nothing really stands out that should cause problems. Easiest will be the extra logs, here is the Mac version: Install Lexicon 1.5.0 incoming logging.dmg - Google Drive

Thanks - I just tried the version above and the issue persists so I uploaded the database and logs with this version.
I took a couple of screenshots (attached) - I was trying to mark the Like This Like That track as done when the error occured again. The second screenshot shows the notification and clicking the report link doesn’t do anything but hopefully there is something in the logs…

Okay, getting closer with those logs. Can you do the same thing again with this version? Install Lexicon 1.5.0 incoming logging2.dmg - Google Drive

Ok - just completed that. The error still occurred.

Okay, think I got it figured out. Try this version please: Install Lexicon 1.5.0 incoming fix.dmg - Google Drive

Still has the extra logging, just in case something goes wrong but it should work. The fix will be in the next update too.

That version fixes the issue - thanks!

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Awesome, thanks for sticking in there :slight_smile:

Hi, Just wondering when the fix will make it into a release?
Both 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 still have the issue for me.

Apologies, I think I forgot the fix in those versions. Here is 1.5.2 with the fix: Install Lexicon 1.5.2 incoming fix.dmg - Google Drive

It will definitely be in 1.5.3!

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Hi, just tested 1.5.3 and it’s fixed. Thank you!

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