Merging multiple Rekordbox libraries

I lost several tracks from Rekordbox on my current computer.

Most of those tracks are in my Rekordbox library on my old computer, but that library is missing the tracks I’ve added since I switched to my current computer.

Can I merge the two libraries together, and recover what I lost without losing my recent tracks, by syncing Lexicon on both computers?

Yes you can merge libraries, but I wouldn’t do it on two Lexicons.

The way I would do it is like this:

  1. Install Lexicon on your main computer
  2. Import your normal library from RB
  3. On your old computer, export your RB library as XML (see Rekordbox 5 | Lexicon - DJ Library Management)
  4. Copy that XML to your main computer
  5. Import that XML into Lexicon and make sure to keep the Merge option enabled

Now you have your libraries merged. The one thing to fix now is your track locations from the XML, since they are from the old computer. For that you have to relocate them, see this guide and start at step 4: Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer | Lexicon - DJ Library Management