Metatag "Grouping" in rekorbox

In serato i’m usig Metatag Grouping to add track’s relevant information like year & month of release or download, music sub-style, etc…

In Lexicon I see those information.

But in Rekorbox I don’t have access to them. And I need them to create my smart-crates directly in Rekorbox or to search for similar tracks based on subgenre/Style, release…

Is there a way to convert and show all the information stored in “Grouping” in Rekordbox, or maybe convert them into Rekorbok Tags?

Grouping doesn’t exist in Rekordbox, but you can copy/move your text into a different field. Use the Move field recipe for that. Right click your tracks → Edit → Recipes.

You can also convert that text into custom tags, using the Import tags from text recipe. Custom tags will sync to Rekordbox MyTags. Keep in mind you need to reduce your tag categories to 4, see Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management at the bottom.