Migrating away from iTunes to Lexicon

My current setup is as follows:

  • iTunes is my primary database. I buy/dl from different sources (itunes, bandcamp, etc) and I add to itunes.
  • iTunes sorts my files in the background
  • I create playlists on itunes
  • I sync thru lexicon to serato

Since Lexicon can do a lot of what itunes can, what is the best way for me to cut out itunes from the workflow. I care most about the following:

  • not losing any of my music files
  • not losing pre-existing playlists that I’ve created in itunes
  • when I but music from itunes, that lexicon can still access those files and sort them like itunes used to

Appreciate the help.

That’s easy, instead of adding music to iTunes, you just add it to Lexicon. Then stop using iTunes altogether.
I don’t know if you have different playlists in iTunes than Serato, but you can import from both Serato and iTunes and merge them into Lexicon.

Buying music on iTunes is still possible, you just have to drag those bought tracks into Lexicon.

One important setting in iTunes to disable is the one where it automatically organizes your files. You definitely don’t want that because if you ever open iTunes, it will move your files without asking. Lexicon won’t know that happened so your files will go missing and a relocate is needed.

You can also let Lexicon move and rename your files, for a nice folder structure, see this video

Thanks Christiaan.
So if I allow Lexicon to organize my files, I can delete the ones that were previously being sorted by itunes? Altho I don’t want to lose any files, I also don’t want to create duplicates.

No I wouldn’t delete anything. Lexicon will take the location that your tracks have now and just use those.

You can always delete duplicates with Lexicon later so I wouldn’t worry too much about a few duplicates.

It’s better to get a hang of things first and how Lexicon works, before going to next steps. Also make Lexicon backups before doing anything new, it’s super quick and can be a life saver.

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Okay thanks. Final question, can lexicon rearrange the itunes sorting format?

Do you mean the order of a playlist?

In the Lexicon beta, you can sort by any column in Lexicon, then right click a playlist → Tools → Rewrite Order. Then that order will be the “original” order. Hope that makes sense.

I meant in the backend (finder/files on hard drive)

Yes, see this video

Make sure to disable these two settings in iTunes: