Minor Bug (maybe) with track matcher and changing the titles

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Lexicon version: … newest
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:

Track Matcher doesn’t allow me to change the titles and artists names after analyzing a spotify playlist.

Step by step to reproduce:

Normal Spotify “matching”

feat in title will bring problems… so i just deleted it:

but still:

The name is the old one, thats why it couldn’t find it.

Not sure if its a bug or just not possible as a function to change the titles and artists after loading a spotify list?

I think internally it does still use your edited title to search for but displays the full one in “Not Found”.

It might be related to the dots in M.O.P. though, I remember there being an issue with those

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Thank you, I just thought it is maybe helpful :)!

For sure, I should fix that dot issue really but it is surprisingly sneaky :confused:

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