Misaligned beatgrids weren't fixed with "Beatshift correction"

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Lexicon version: 0.3.42
Operating system: Windows

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I’ve just imported my library from Traktor and run “Beatshift correction” and I’ve noticed some tracks still have misaligned beatgrids, I’ve included a copy of these tracks here and included a few screenshots below. I haven’t tried syncing back to Traktor.

P.S. Your forum only allows new users to embed a single media element, so I can only include a single large image. Might be worth relaxing that as I wanted to post multiple screen shots easily.

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I don’t have that problem here. You may have an older beatshift scanner that was buggy. Try resetting Lexicon (Help menu). Then import from Traktor again (merge disabled) and run the beatshift scan again. All your tracks should have correct cue positions in Lexicon after that.

Thanks a heap, that was it!

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