Monkeys Audio either Traktor rating not imported


I am testing the Lexicon beta to add the rating of the tracks that I have added, either through Traktor, or through Monkey’s audio, but when I import the tracks to Lexicon and add the rating column, it does not show this metadata or value.

Is it a feature that is not implemented yet, or am I doing something wrong?

For me this feature is very important and that Engine DJ does not have it.

By the way, I don’t know if i could import a folder as a playlist with a tree structure equal to that of the folders tree .

When I sync with Engine DJ, the tracks are imported but not the tree structure of the playlist.

Thanks. Regards.

Hi there!

Rating is something that is notoriously poorly implemented in the ID3 tags so it might be that your tracks are slightly different and Lexicon does not pick those up. I can check one of your files if you upload one that has rating. You can upload with this link

You can also use Lexicon to add ratings to your tracks, those are visible in Engine after a sync. But that only works if you are adding new ratings, not for existing ratings from your files.

Dragging a folder into Lexicon as playlist tree is not something Lexicon can do yet. Maybe in the future.


Hi, good morning and thank you for your reply.

The truth is, I don’t know the complexity in reading the ID3 tag of the rating, but both Traktor and VDJ import this value that I, for convenience, managed from Monkey’s audio, before preparing my sessions.

Regarding the proposal to add the rating one by one in my tracks when I have thousands already scored, I’m sorry, but it is not feasible.

Nor, to this day, do I see a comfortable media player in its “Lexicon” application, with keyboard shortcuts, to rate future tracks.

Finally, for me, maintaining the structure of Playlists when importing a folder, similar to the one on disk, is very important. Therefore, I would like to know if, although it does not show this tree structure, once the tags have been modified, when synchronizing with Engine DJ 2.1, does the tree structure remain in the Denon Engine playlist?

Here is the link of the track that asked me to analyze the rating:

Thanks again and greetings.

Thanks. Seems like this file had the rating set by Traktor in a special way. New version will read those ratings and load them into Lexicon.

About the playlist folders: anything you create in Lexicon will be exported to Engine DJ, so your playlist structure will be the same

Hi again @Christiaan

I would like to especially thank you for your kind willingness to attend to user demands. I think it speaks a lot about the professionalism and seriousness of the company and the developers.

I would also like to send you a track rated with Monkey’s audio so that you can analyze it and give me your opinion since, I insist, it is very comfortable to work with this multimedia player and, in addition, it is well known and works with APE-tags by default ( like Musepack, Monkey’s Audio, WavPack, …). Traktor and Virtual DJ reads this rating APE-tag.

Congratulations on your application and good luck with the work ending of this Lexicon beta to a release candidate. Regards.

Thanks, I will also add support for that tag.
Lexicon will read any rating tag that starts with POPM: and has an email after it, so it should catch both of your files and any others with different emails too.
This is only for MP3 files at the moment.

Hi @Christiaan

I wanted to tell you that I have updated to your version 0.3.40 and I have verified that it has included the improvements that I suggested regarding importing the Traktor and APE tags rating, and it´s ok. Therefore, I wanted to thank you for meeting my request.

In relation to the above, I would like to tell you, if you allow me, that in order for the functionality to be complete, I think you should add the “rating” tag to the option to reload labels. Until you do this, those files that have been readed by Engine DJ and later, when synchronizing, want to include the rating with Lexicon, will not be able to be updated.

I don’t know to what extent, from your developers’ philosophy, they value that users make these suggestions or demand new features or, on the contrary, they are annoying (excuse my poor English, I’m from Spain).

In case of accepting and thanking suggestions, I would like to remind you that one of the functionalities that would make me definitively changing from Monkey’s audio to Lexicon, would be to include the interface, albeit minimal, of an audio player, with keyboard shortcuts, so that folders could be explored and moving to the next track to rate it.

I work as a DJ with hundreds or thousands of tracks that in a single afternoon, dedicating a couple of seconds or three to listening to a track, I already know its rating, that is why it is more agile for me.

Likewise, being able to create and display the playlist tree or crates like Engine prime, Traktor, Serato… would be very, very useful.

Ahh, another thing I forgot. I imagine you have had the opportunity to work with Engine OS. Due to the limited and poor zoomed view of the information you get on these units (holding down a track opens a popup window with some labels, but the quality of the track doesn’t appear between them), I would also like to propose the functionality of being able to copy the content of one label into another, that is, for example, the quality of the track in the comments field. It would be amazing!!

Finally, currently I do not know in which mode of use I have the application. I would like to know if there are demo-type limitations and what purchase/subscription options the application has for users/customers.

Excellent work. Thanks.

I’ll look into reloading the rating tag.

There is an audio player in Lexicon with shortcuts. But it does not work with system folders, only with playlists and tracks already inside Lexicon.
There are already keyboard shortcuts to set rating to the selected track(s). Check the settings to set that up.

You can copy fields into different fields permanently by using a recipe. Or if you only want to see certain information in Engine, you can use a field mapping. See the Help Center for more information.

There are currently no limitations as this is the open beta. The beta will end soon and then you’ll be put into demo mode (no exporting possible). Existing Rekordcloud users will get the Lexicon Basic plan and will not see an interruption. Lexicon Basic subscription is similarly priced to Rekordcloud right now and has everything you need.

Hi @Christiaan,

Thanks for including the Rating option in the reload tags window. Perhaps, already seeing a large number of labels, a select/deselect all button would not be bad.

On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that I have been testing the recipe option to copy the value of one tag to another, as I told you, specifically the Bitrate to Comments, and it gives me the following error that i show in this captured image:


Could you tell me please if i am doing anything bad/wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like a bug, I will look into that. Thanks for letting me know.