Move Smartlists

If I have a smartlist in Lexicon and I sync it to VDJ with the setting Move smartlists checked it looks like it will convert the smartlist to a regular list. What happens though when I sync VDJ back to Lexicon. Will those playlists still be regular lists and lose the functionality of being a smartlist in Lexicon?

I use a lot of filters that include “all text fields” which VDJ does not understand so I just want to be sure I am able to sync these to VDJ but not lose the smart rules when I sync it back.

So with that being said should I have move smartlist checked or leave it unchecked?

They will be normal playlists in Lexicon. That’s why I don’t recommend importing the entire library back into Lexicon after using this option. You can selectively import playlists from VDJ though.

You can check or uncheck it, depends on how you prefer to use VDJ in that regard. It makes sense check it and then work with normal playlists in VDJ because the Filter Folders are in such an annoying position, not near the playlists.

The option is unchecked by default exactly for the reason you are describing

Ok so if I leave it I unchecked these smart lists will sync to VDJ and keep the rules when I sync it back to Lexicon even if those rules are not recognized by virtual DJ like “all text areas” filters?

I’m a little confused on how I should be utilizing the workflow back and forth.

If a rule is not recognized by VDJ, the smartlist will always be turned into a playlist. That’s why with more complex rules, it makes sense to check that option

So if I understand this correctly if I have a smart list that has a rule not recognized by VDJ it will become a regular playlist.

Now I go to a gig and use this new databas for the night.

The next day I want to sync my VDJ back to Lexicon to get the play counts updated.

When I open lexicon again and sync my updated. DJ database the smart list that was originally in Lexicon will no longer be smart and just a regular playlist?

Is this is correct am I misunderstanding how I am supposed to use the software?

Why would I ever want to create a smart list not recognized in my DJ software if it’s going to be converted anyways.

Because if you do all your prep work in Lexicon, then it’s no difference if it is a smartlist or playlist in VDJ.

And to get your play counts back into Lexicon, it’s best to only import a history playlist. You can even only import the Plays field so nothing else is updated

I think I understand this better now. There’s no need for me to resync my entire database every time I have a new gig, as I’m mainly concerned about play counts. Instead, I should create one large generic playlist with all my tracks and import it, only mapping the play counts to update my tracks and lexicon, right?

Regarding workflow, I prefer mixed in key cue points over lexicon cue points. My plan is to download tracks, run them through mixed in key, then put them into a temp folder that is set as Lexicon’s watch folder for incoming tracks. Do I need to do any additional steps within Lexicon for it to recognize mixed in key cue points? Should I select all incoming files and reload their tags?

Yes you can do that, one large playlist and only import plays.

MIK cues aren’t directly supported in Lexicon, you’d have to get them into a DJ app first and then import those tracks from that DJ app