Move Tracks from iTunes to a new Serato Library

I’ve been using only my iTunes Library within Serato, but I want to get rid off it and move completely to Serato. I started to import iTunes to Lexicon and started organize my tracks, but the paths still remain to the iTunes Music Folder. Whats is the best way to “extract” or move the existing Files/Playlists and start a new Serato Library from scratch?
Can I export the files that I organized so far from Lexicon to a new location? Hopefully I tried to explain it the right way what I want to do…
Thx & greetings,

Do you want to move your files from the iTunes music folder? It’s not a problem if they are in there.

If you are starting from scratch anyway (no playlists or cues?) then it’s probably easiest to just delete everything from Lexicon and move your files manually in Finder to where you want them. Then drag them into Lexicon.

I’ve started to archive some Tracks in Lexicon that I don’t need anymore. So I have to resync to a new iTunes Library and then export all the left over tracks (I want to keep) manually to a new Folder that I can use for Serato?
Is it right, that I can not export the files directly out of Lexicon to a new Folder?

You can copy files by dragging them out of Lexicon, turn that on in the settings first. That only copies though, doesn’t change anything in Lexicon.

But if you just want to use your tracks in Serato, all you have to do is sync your library to Serato. If you removed tracks, make sure to Full Sync because that also removes those tracks from Serato.

Hey Christiaan, thx a lot for your help. I’ll give it a try the next days and give you feedback… :blush::+1:t2: