Moving/organizing files on disk, too?

I read about watch folders for “Incoming” tracks, and the ability to move them on disk into a structured set of folders after they’ve been processed. Very cool. It’s something I’ve always done manually – downloading into a temp folder, analyzing them, moving them, and then telling the DJ app to “relocate” the lost files.

Is it possible to have Lexicon reorganize my existing library on disk similarly? For example, I have all of my tracks in folders like “Music - 2022” and “Music - 2023” which I manually created and registered with my DJ apps. But each folder gets pretty large over time. I like the idea of reorganizing them into /GENRE/YEAR/MONTH, but don’t want to do it manually.


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Yep, did you see this guide? Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

To move tracks in your existing library, use the recipe to mark tracks as Incoming, it’s all in the guide.

Thanks. I did see that guide but I guess I didn’t read far enough to see the section that said it’s ok to move your entire collection to Incoming without breaking anything. This is awesome.

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