Multimarker Beatgrits can crash Engine/Prime4

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Lexicon version: 1.1.22
Operating system: Windows & Mac

Bug description:
This is probably a duplicate to Beta 1.1.11 can crash hardware on songs with multiple markers - #7
Although the problem has been mitigated a bit in the meantime (less multimarker tracks crash engine)
Some tracks with multipole beatgrids cause engine to crash. Engine Desktop usually becomes unresponsive, my prime 4 bends the playback tempo to something ridiculous (0% or 200% for example), while emitting a high pitched noise that sound’s like an inmcredibly small loop. This always happens after passing a new beatmarker.

Step by step to reproduce:
If uploaded my library, the offending tracks (see TestA/multimarker) will be uploaded shortly after posting this.
Get Ugly: Play from 2:44
Rockafeller skank: Play from 4:19
La medina: Play from 1:40

There’s a few more that I can upload if required.

Can you upload your Lexicon library? I don’t see it yet

It will take a bit to check this one, I’m moving at the moment and my Prime is tucked away somewhere

My bad, I didn’t complete the upload properly. You don’t have to dig out your prime unit though, the error happens the same on engine desktop from what I see.

But yeah, much success with your move. That’s always stressful. I’ve been swamped IRL too, so no worries.

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In the meanwhile: Is there a way to filter tracks with flexible beatgrids? I’d like like to remove them all for now if possible, since one of them actually killed my prime during a set yesterday :confused: I recovered quickly with my emergency channel luckily, I’d still rather not repeat that.

You can create a smartlist with the Beatgrid markers rule. More than one marker is usually a flexible grid.


After working with the smartlist, I’m now pretty sure that the bug only happens when there is a difference in bpm between the different markers.