Multiple Drives

Hello all;
I am a newbie, and am using iTunes (central library) along with DJCIU (DJ Conversion Utility) to move files from iTunes > Trakto > RekordBOX > Serato and on to the Denon DJ Prime Players.
Can this be done with Lexicon?
Meaning, set it up as central library and being able to synch to multiple USB drives and use them in stand alone players. I currently have multiple Denon DJ Engine Prime USB (1 for Backup), as well as 1 for RekordBox (CDJ). Will it work?

Yep, that is exactly what Lexicon is for. Manage your library once in Lexicon and send it to all the DJ apps so you don’t need to do anything there anymore.

For Denon, you can sync directly to the USB.
For Pioneer, you need to sync to Rekordbox and use Rekordbox to create the USB drive.

So lets say, today I have iTunes as my main collection, which I move to Traktor, Denon, & RB, If I delete samething in Traktor, will it delete the tracks from the others during synch.

Yeah if you use Lexicon and delete a track there, then sync to Traktor or any DJ app, the track will be gone there too.

This might be a good read for you: The Lexicon Workflow | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Thanks! Much appreciated!
Looking forward to this tool.
Some questions and sorry if already asked

  1. Can I use Carbon Copy a liner to clone an exact copy for Engine DJ. Since I have an internal SSD inside, it easier to clone.
  2. Why do I see the redline inside the track and not at the beginning where the beat marker and cue is.
  3. How do I search for tracks? I found Search playlists, but not tracks?
    Thanks and sorry for these newbie questions
  1. No, the internal Engine database is not the same as what is on a Denon device or USB
  2. The red line is the initial cue position (so when you press the CUE button on the left). It’s set on the first beatmarker when you load the track
  3. Searching in Lexicon | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

For #1, I meant once I synch to an external USB, can I clone that USB to another.
I also meant the internal HDD in the Prime 4

Yep you can clone to another USB