My workflow syncing with Engine DJ, Rekordbox, and Rekordbox iOS app

Hi Everyone. Managing my library between two platforms has been a nightmare… mainly because both applications are kind of trash in my opinion (coming from someone who has been designing software for over 20 years). Anyway… I thought I would share the workflow I created for my specific needs.

One of the best things about this workflow, is being able to use my phone to manage playlists, hot cues, etc… and then syncing it all the way back.

If anyone has questions or feedback, let me know.


Nice! Super helpful visual aid :slight_smile:

I have plans for a mobile app for Lexicon so that will make it a bit easier.

Why do you have a separate USB for your Prime Go? Just wondering

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Hi, I like your schedule! What would be the best way to change the disk for the primary source? Thanks in advance!

I mainly us an SD card, just too lazy to find the icon for it :slight_smile: If you ever need help with your mobile app or want to get feedback, I’ve been designing mobile apps every since they were invented for some very well known brands.

I was thinking about this the other day, and feel like if you could nail just being able to play and manage playlists… add, edit, delete, change order, etc for an alpha candidate… that would be huge. I think after that, you can add managing hot cues as a later subsequent release. The key of course is how you develop it so you can launch ios and android simultaneously since I’m picking up that a lot of DJs have androids.

I actually use a portable SSD drive that I’ve been using to go back and forth as the primary drive. Until someone figures out sync and the Fat32 issue… it’s the unfortunate way to manage things. That said, my primary drive also automatically backs up to Dropbox… so even if the drive fails or gets lost… I can always retrieve the latest version.

I also use a portable drive as my primary drive, but I have the feeling it messes things up when I use for both playing and for being the Lexicon-source, so I wanted to get a clean internal disk for just Lexicon. Just not sure what’s the best way to change the source-disk.

I haven’t had issues because I’m on a Mac so when the external drive is plugged in, it’s the same filepath regardless of computer.

I’m glad you didn’t have issues.

that image made me subsrcibe Lexicon :slight_smile: thanks a lot

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I think you’re spot on, I mostly have ideas for playlists or hear a track and go, “!! that would so go well with this crate/playlist”

Another step for me, would be that the mobile app does the org, the desktop app does it analysis and sync. "

This looks great but I also need Serato in this configuration.
We need an easy way to sync Rekordbox - Serato & EngineDJ across multiple devices. A video of how to do this would be fantastic. Rekordbox subscription with DropBox.

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