Need help with Remote and Local Path Mappings

Oke i’m lost. Trying without success to configure Local Path Mappings. My situation: 2 dj laptops (both on windows) and all my music on Dropbox.

In de Editing Path Mappings screen under Remote Path I can only select paths on the current laptop. Doesn’t sound logic to me. Am I wrong that I expect to choose/type the path of my primary laptop? Do I need to create a drivemapping to the primary laptop? Really don’t know what to do and could use some help.

Thanx in advance!

You can see Local Path Mappings as an automatic “find-replace” tool.

The Remote Path is what part of the location is now, and Local Path is what you want it to be.

If you added tracks on your other (main) computer and made a backup, then restored that backup on your current (secondary) computer. Then Remote Path is the path/location from the main computer.

For example:
On the main computer, you have a track with this location: C:/Users/Chris/Dropbox/track.mp3 This is also what is stored in the Lexicon database, because you added the track in the main Lexicon.

And on your secondary computer, the same file is at C:/Users/christiaan/Dropbox/track.mp3

Then your path mapping would be (we are currently on the secondary computer):
Remote: C:/Users/Chris/
Local: C:/Users/christiaan/

It replaces C:/Users/Chris/ with C:/Users/christiaan/ so Lexicon will look for your track in C:/Users/christiaan/Dropbox/track.mp3

I hope that makes sense! It’s actually pretty easy if you see it as a find & replace tool :slight_smile:

Hi Christiaan,

Thank you for your reply.

I do understand what you’re saying. But, when i want to fill in the remote path, I can only select paths from the secondary. For example:
My primary is c:/users/reg/dropbox/track.mp3
My secondary is c:/users/reggie/dropbox/track.mp3

When I go to remote path I only seeing paths to c:/users/reggie/…
I cannot select a path to my primary c:/users/reg/…

What am I missing?

Did you create a backup on the primary Lexicon and restore that on the secondary?

OMG! So simple…
Thank you Christiaan! I’ll go find me a cave now.

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