New RB6 Export exporting without and Cues, Waveform, Beatgrids

Lexicon version: 0.3.37-RB1
Operating system: Windows

Bug description
NEw RB6 Export does not Export Beatgrid, Waveform or Cue Points. Tracks get added to Collection and Playlists just fine.
→ Put New Song in Watch Folder
→ Process Track in Watch Folder (Analyze, Grid, Cue, Adjust Genre)
→ Mark as done (thereby moving and renaming the file)
(-> put in Playlist, but seems to make no difference)
→ Export using the new RB6 Export (RB 6.6.1 is used)

Result: Tracks are in RB6, Correct Folders and Playlists, Have correct Genre put in, but are entirely unprocessed.
→ No Waveform, no beatgrids, no Cue Points

Edit: Entirely Repeatable by Adding Tracks manually, not only through Incoming Folder. Same result.


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It’s normal not to see a waveform preview in RB since RB generates that data and LXC does not.

Do you see the correct beatgrid and cues after loading a track in RB?

i played around with it a little. Yes the cues and beatgrid appear as soon as the track get loaded the first time.

Ofc then i was hit with shifted Beatgrid so i had do run the beatshift correction (as it was new tracks) and it turned out fine.

I have done around 15-20 Syncs now; way more from LXC to RB than the other way round and have not had a single crash or bug other then beatshift, Tags not updating when i hit “Write Tags to file” while in the incoming folder (Could not replicate yet, just hit it again :D) and what i mentioned here (which is not a bug but me messing up, as we found out :D)
Great work so far! With this i can now really bring LXC to good use! The direct import was what i needed all along.

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Great :slight_smile: But keep making backups because I’m sure there have to be bugs in there!

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