New User and Best Practices

I am totally brand new and trying this tool out. Before I do, here is my workflow
New music gets tagged properly and sent to Platinum Notes. Once done, file name is adjusted. Then it moves to ITunes for Star ratings and groupings. I use numerous smart playlists, so the track can appear in multiple playlists.
I then use another tool to move the playlists to Traktor. I then use MIK to collect the key. Those keys then get imported to Traktor.
From there I use another tool to convert to an xml which then gets moved to Engine OS.
How can I better this with Lexicon.
I still need Apple Music ( iTunes) to synch with iOS devices

You can way simplify it with Lexicon:

  1. Start with Platinum Notes (should always be the first program to use, because it changes your audio and can move cues)
  2. Use Mixed in Key (you can easily do it later if you prefer though). See Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon
  3. Drag tracks into Lexicon
  4. Set your ratings, custom tags, modify tags, let Lexicon write ID3 tags if you want
  5. Sync to Engine and Traktor
  6. Last step, sync to iTunes. This is more involved because iTunes doesn’t make it easy, but Lexicon gives the instructions. If mobile is the only reason you use iTunes, you can also use the Lexicon mobile app, it is a beta version though.

Recommended getting started video:

Thanks for your reply!
For iTunes I basically use it to synch to mobile but I also use it for the smart playlists used in combination of the Grouping tag / Composer.
So I would enter say “Top 40 Dance” and with say “Redrum” based on the title and they would go in their respective playlists based on the criteria.

Also, is there a way to make use of Apple Files. I have a large storage which is mostly empty. Is that possible

You can make smartlists in Lexicon too. You do need to recreate them once, because they aren’t imported from iTunes currently.

What do you mean by Apple Files?

Apple Files is knows as iCloud Drive.

If you store your music on iCloud then that will work in Lexicon too, since iCloud Drive is just a folder on your computer