New version 1.3.5 opens to blank window

MacBook Air M2, Ventura 13.1
Was working fine with previous version just before update.

Thanks! Looking into it right now

It’s now resolved. Please use this link to get the working version if you are stuck on the black screen:

Hi Christiaan! It’s still doing the same thing. Can I get the link to 1.3.4?

Same blank screen here too. Even with the new file. (M1 Mac mini/Ventura 13.1)

hey all I’m having the same problem

This is the previous 1.3.4 version.

Edit: working on a new 1.3.5, link will work again when done

Version 1.3.5 for macOS should work again now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

New version opened normally. Thank you sir!

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Thanks @Christiaan ! Its working well for me too.

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