Newbie Questions

Hi Christian, I just purchased the yearly subscription and eager to get started.
Couple of questions,

  1. When I imported from Traktor I see some tracks that were initially analyzed, seem not analyzed. Is this normal?
  2. Where do we see the Composer part I have in iTunes, which I can’t see in Composer in Lexicon

All of those tracks are analyzed, the ones not green just don’t have cue points. Hover over the icons to see what they mean.

Right click the column headers (where it says TITLE) to show more columns

I did check them, but what I noticed is when I “reload all tags”, I get the danceability now populated. I suppose it’s good idea to do that across all tracks, right.
Another question, is I have an external SSD drive, where I store my large mixtapes (my MacBook doesn’t have space), and those tracks are finable in iTunes and Traktor, but when I go to synch to a brand new created Engine, I get this error -

Is that a normal external drive? Try unplugging it and back in. Could be a temporary thing where Mac is weird sometimes

Hi Christiaan;
Yes I have done that and it still didn’t work. I closed and reopened Lexicon, and still get the message. I checked the tracks on the external drive versus the ones in my playlist, and they are all there. Does it mean Lexicon doesn’t support external drives drives? Do I have other options.

Maybe because it’s a “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” drive.

Should be no problem, sounds like a normal external drive. Try these steps please: Troubleshooting common problems

Seems that by running “CleanMyMac” it resolved the issue. I am able to such to Engine. Now what is the best route to take. All tracks were analysized and cue’s set in Traktor by MIK, and when I opened Engine Prime, it asked to reanalysis. Is this normal or should I have done something different. I followed the steps in the guide.

It’s normal that Engine has to analyse, it needs to add the missing waveforms. The grids should be locked so Engine won’t overwrite the grid.

Hi Christiaan; Couple of issues

  1. How come all cue points are in blue and not multicoloured?
  2. Why do I see 2 different drive locations (see screenshot)

Now the Lacie drive is my MacBook one where the drive was partitioned. One partitioned is labeled “LaCie” while the one with the OS is Macintosh HD.
As you can see the the ones with “Macintosh HD” show no grids, but the ones with “LaCie” does show since that’s the drive that holds all the dj tracks.

Macintosh HD is your internal hard drive, so it seems those tracks are on there.

What color are your cues in Lexicon? As far as I know, it should always be the same as what Lexicon has

Good morning Christiaan;
Here is additional info
My Engine Library is located within the Music part of my internal HD (/Users/djsensation/Music/Engine Library) , while my tracks are on partitioned part of my internal HDD - /Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music
Both tracks that show either Macintosh HD or LaCie as location, see screen shot.

Interesting enough, both tracks are both housed on its proper location
Macintosh HD - /Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music/Music/Don Omar vs Farruko - Danza Kuduro Vs Pepas (Starjack Party Segway)[Clean] 130.mp3

LaCie - /Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music/Music/Don Omar feat. Lucenzo vs Zone - Danza Kuduro Vs Dragostea Din Tei (Mixed By Bergwall).mp3.

As for the cue collars, yes they also appear in blue in Lexicon, but not the same as in Traktor

Another thing I noticed, is after analysiing them, all artwork is now missing. I suppose the additional step would be to reload, right.

And here are the same songs in Traktor both painting to the same Location

What color are your cues in Traktor? Traktor doesn’t really have real cue colors. They have a color but that is a different meaning. White is beatgrid marker, blue is cue and orange is fade in/out marker.

For album art in Engine, there is an option on the Sync page. You can let Lexicon write that to Engine, it just takes extra time during the sync.

As for those double tracks, they have a different location in Traktor in your last screenshot so I’m guessing that is simply the reason.

In Traktor the cues are all blue, but I had used different tool which converted the cues to different colours.
For the traktor location, no both point to the same location /Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music/Music and are playable in Lexicon and Engine, so only the wave form doesn’t appear.

Here is a sample of a sd card I use in the denon players. You will see the cues are coloured. Also, you will see the same tracks there the sd card shows the waveform and the other from Lexicon export doesn’t.
Im sorry to bother you with this, but I am trying to use this tool efficiently.

Look at the filename in your screenshot from Traktor, it is a different file

yes, they are 2 different tracks, but my point was that why does it show with no waveform 1 track and with a different location, while both are coming from the same file path.

I don’t know… Doesn’t it add a waveform if you analyze it? And is it playable?