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I have a bunch of DJ edits with clean titles, but empty artist tags. Anyone know of an way to populate these without having to go through each one individually, either with Lexicon or something else? The artist doesn’t exist in any other tag that I could extract from, either. :confused:

If your artist is in the title, then the smart fixes can help. But if it really isn’t anywhere, then there is no way to get that artist in Lexicon at the moment.

You can try Musicbrainz Picard and let it fill missing info by scanning your files. Let it write artist to the ID3 tag. Then use Reload Tags in Lexicon (right click tracks) to load the artist information.
Not sure it will find everything, especially edits might be difficult.

This might be a nice new entry for the forum, but since I had the same problem, this has been my solution (not for edits, though): install Loopback Audio (mac), Shazam and in Serato install a virtual audio device (from settings) or download something like soundflower. Select the virtual output in Shazam, and route both the virtual audio and your headphones or speakers if you like from Lexicon in Loopback Audio. Use the hotcue for shazam with every song you have no artist of and enter the details Shazam shows you.

If there is any possibility for additions in the nearby future I’d love to see integration of Shazam or SoundHound, offering analysis of your entire library and matching the metadata with the supposed track it references. I could see how this might be tough, but it would be amazing for missing metadata. Picard in my honest opinion doesn’t work too well with EDM and the latest of the latest (of any genre).

Funny enough, this has pretty much been my approach so far. Using Shazam, and entering artist one by one. Then using Lexicon to fill in everything else once the artist is in.

Shazam has a really good (maybe 80-90%) hit rate, even on DJ edits. And it’ll identify the songs almost immediately. Even on most acapellas. Unfortunately, Picard has like a 0% hit rate on the same data set so I haven’t found a way to do this automatically in bulk.

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Shazam integration is definitely something I’m thinking about and a great fit for Lexicon. Just some other priorities first :slight_smile:

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