No import about vdi list

I buy to use Lexicon for my VDJ List to Denon Engine.
Lexicon doesent load my VDJ List.
I have Lexicon installed 3 times but nothing works
what can i do

Hi there!
Do you use Playlists or Virtual Folders in VDJ? There is an option on the import screen in Lexicon to choose between them

hi Christiaan,
I use playlists.
I made playlists from the history and these are also in the documents folder.
I also took the selection of playlists.
but no lists/tracks are imported.
The display is at 0 percent for hours

Okay, start with the troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting common problems

on my mac can i find only beatshift-scanner

  • tagger
  • audio-analyzer
  • ffmpeg
  • ffprobe

I can´t found anywhere

Did you try all the other steps?

yes i try all other steps…

when you want, u can look on my system via team viewer

Yeah might be easiest, but I don’t have time the next few days. Can you PM me on Discord after the weekend?

We can do that if you don’t have time, unfortunately that’s how it is. I would have liked to have access to the lists tomorrow, oh well.
Happy new year, stay healthy and take care of yourself

If you send me your VirtualDJ folder, I can maybe take a look tomorrow morning, but I can’t say if I can fix it then because it might be computer related.

The VDJ folder is here:
/Users/user/Library/Application Support/VirtualDJ

Compress it and you can upload with this link:

And can you also upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

Hello Christiaan,
happy new year.
have you any idea for my problem?

I found the problem, it was something weird in your VDJ database.
Replace the database.xml file in your VirtualDJ folder with this one:
database.xml (270.5 KB)

It’s much smaller but that’s because VDJ adds a lot of empty data in it that I removed.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

:pray: thx my friend.
It works

God bless you/take care
Marc Hunnenberg

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