NTFS Drive not visible - Engine DJ

Always some limitations!

I migrated ALL my files to the NTFS file system since exFAT should not be the case in 2023, from this ‘‘Master Base’’ I sync to drives in devices. It never goes to any of the devices and It works with Engine DJ perfectly, but Lexicon is unable to list It when I want to Sync.

At this point, It’s a bit frustrating since there is no good reason to not be able to do this. Or?

I don’t think Engine supports NTFS officially? I think it is FAT32 or exFAT only

It’s possible to have base on NTFS but It’s not readable by devices (Engine OS). You can work on NTFS but, which is far better from file system side.

It would be nice if is possible to directly sync to these drives.

I don’t understand why you need to sync to a NTFS drive if Engine OS does not support it?

Because I have the main database on an external drive which is NTFS and from that base I sync towards FAT32 devices. I don’t understand why not because It’s perfectly possible within engine DJ to have a database anywhere.

Why NTFS external drive? Because every other time main database I got on the exFAT file system got corrupted and I have enough of crapy EXFAT.

Plus one huge sense out of It is that if you use a remote library you are not limited to exFAT/Fat32.

Anyway, It’s listed in Engine DJ and not in Lexicon.

Best regards!

Why not just sync to Engine DJ desktop? If your tracks are on the NTFS drive, that will send your tracks there anyway.

The Target Drive option is only to sync to USB and Denon hardware directly, and that can only be FAT

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