On Watch Folder, option to "Archive" instead of "Delete"

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
I never delete a downloaded music file. You never know when you were wrong about something and need to go back. Most record pools only allow a single download of a music file. So, when I decide not to add something to my DJ software, I put it in an archive folder that I back up.

While processing files in the Watched folder, I’d like to be able to specify and Archive folder to move unwanted files to instead of deleting them.

How will this feature help you and others?
Allows me to keep a copy of tracks that I don’t want right now, but might want in the future.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
None that I’m aware of

Does a workaround currently exist?
After going through all the watched files and choosing the ones I want and clicking “Done” on them, I could take everything remaining in the Watched folder and move it manually to the archive. However, this isn’t quite as nice since you can’t clear the song out of the watched folder UI after you’ve decided you don’t care for it. Seeing how much progress you have made in the watched folder is very desirable to me.

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You can select all tracks on the Incoming page and choose Archive, right? Or am I missing something?

I think the issue here is that the tracks don’t move when ‘Archived’ in Lexicon so they would just sit in the incoming folder forever…i could be wrong though

No, they are archived and removed from the incoming list

As far as I know, Archiving doesn’t move the file out of the incoming directory, only hides it from Lexicon. If I choose to archive it, great, it’s removed from the incoming folder list and I know I’ve finished with it, but later, when I manually move those files out of the incoming folder for cold storage somewhere, I’ll end up with missing files in Lexicon, right? (Should I ever want to delve into Lexicon’s Archive).

So, maybe Archive isn’t the right word for this, but somewhere in between. I don’t want the file in Lexicon (and therefore not in my main DJ software), but I do not want to delete it from disk - I want to move it aside somewhere else.

Have you tried the archive cleanup? That lets you move them out of LXC and into a folder of your choice

Hey Christiaan -

Thanks for the advice. This will work. A couple suggestions:
(1) Could you add “Archive” as an action that can be sent from StreamDeck? Or add the ability to set a keyboard shortcut for Archive? I couldn’t find one.

(2) Would be cool to link to the archive functionality from the Lexicon workflow guide for future adventurers who want to figure this out.


1: Yep, that should not be a problem.

2: I’ll keep making new guides including one for Archiving. I’d add it to the current workflow guide but I fear that the article would be too long.