One Folder Technique - Find duplicates & Use other (Original) tags

After importing a new batch of tracks using the watch folder and after scanning for duplicates, is there a way to use the tags from the files that were in the library before importing the new batch? Is there a way for me to bulk select “Use These Tags & Cues” from the original file but use the new file without going through one by one? All my music is in one folder.

You can use the prefer option on the duplicates screen and choose the watch folder. That will select all duplicate tracks inside that folder.

What about the tags and cues from the original track I want to use on the new track?

If the files are audio matches then it should automatically take the cues from the audio match with most cues. Otherwise you’ll have to change the manually.

That’s what I thought but I haven’t seen one audio match yet only tag matches even when multiple songs are the exact same.
I am also stuck at the moment scanning for years, it hasn’t progressed in half an hour.
Should I close LXC?

The scan is slow, not sure how many tracks you have but it can take many hours. If there is no CPU usage and it doesn’t move, then maybe something is wrong.

Yeah, no problem Cristiaan.
I had already done the same batch once yesterday (Only about 1800 songs) but I needed to delete them a re import so I was just running the same scan again but yesterday was way quicker.
I ended up closing the app and closing it completely from running in the background and reopened and scanned again and it was done in about half an hour. Something made it hang that last try I guess.
Any ideas why I’m not seeing any exact audio match duplicates when I know there are exact matches in the library?

Exact audio matches are extremely precise (identical). If either track was put through something like Platinum Notes or has a minor edit in any other way, it won’t be seen as identical. I’m guessing it’s one of those reasons.

I haven’t run anything through Platinum Notes or anything like that but I guess two files from different pools or discs could be different.
Okay, thanks.
Keep up the awesome work you’re doing!

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