Option to delete songs from within smart playlists

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Add ability to delete file from within the smart playlists.

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Since smart playlists are the only way to use logic in sorting/filtering, It is extremely inconvenient that I cannot delete songs out of lexicon or off my computer from within the smart playlist. I have to move back to the main tracks in order to be able to delete the song which badly interrupts workflow.

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Don’t know

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I have to move back to the track view in order to be able to get the delete menu option.

Well you can’t delete from a smartlist of course, it would delete from the entire library. I think that would be a bit scary/confusing for users.

What you can do is right click a smartlist and duplicate it as playlist, then you can CTRL+DEL it to show the popup that lets you delete from the library.

Got it. That is a better workflow than what I was having to do!

I wonder if it would be beneficial to make a hidden menu item that only shows up when shift or control is pressed and held? That way we can still avoid having to take the extra steps of creating a static playlist and it would be less scary.

Just a thought, but thank you for letting me know about the CTRL+DEL from normal playlists as well. Somehow I missed that I think.

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