Path incorrect after import from rekordbox

Last week I tried the Rekordbox cloud option. This was not very successfull and now I’m trying to restore my collection via Lexicon.

The problem is that if I do an import of my collection in Lexicon, it will show me the “dropbox” location instead of the original location of the file. However in Rekordbox I still see the original location.

See attached images for an example.

For me my existing rekordbox collection is very worthfull because I added mytags to all the songs. Based on that I created dynamic playlists. I still have a copy of my collection in Engine DJ, however this does not contain the mytags (only supported by Rekordbox). Thus if I should lose my rekordbox collection, I need to start over tagging all my files…

If you have imported from RB, then your tags will be in Lexicon so make sure to keep Lexicon backups safe.

Do you have cloud sync still enabled in RB? Might be that if it is enabled, you will get the Dropbox paths in Lexicon after importing

I disabled the whole RB sync, but that doesn’t make sense. It looks like if the path in RB is stored somewhere in the background (because it still shows the path to my local files and if I right click on a track it will show me the file on my local drive [not being the Dropbox folder])

The problem is that I can’t do the “find lost tracks” option because RB messed up my whole file structure.

If your filenames are still the same, then what you can do is rename the Dropbox folder so all tracks go missing in Lexicon. Then select them all → right click → Relocate and point it to the correct folder. Lexicon will match your tracks by filename

Issue is solved for now (but please look for an option/ checkbox for the people who are using RB sync).

Now I had to remove all my 30000 tracks from the RB-cloud first, transfer the data to Lexicon and then re-upload the tracks to RB-cloud. Total process takes over 24h.

Thanks, I’ll look into what happened there