Payed version, it feels like a beta

hi Christiaan,

First thing I’d like to say: Lexicon is the Swiss-knife for DJ’s. I’m happy with the overall behaviour of Lexicon (e.g. creating playlists, cleaning up duplicate records, searching for tracks based on Tidal playlist or simple text-input).

A year ago I bought a Denon set (2x SC5000’s) and migrated my Rekordbox library to Engine DJ. Engine DJ is not as stable as Rekorbox, therefore my main database stayed in Rekordbox and I was dragging and dropping playlists from Rekordbox to Engine DJ. Now Lexicon can do this for me, which is nice. I also have an older DDJ-SX controller which I’m using with Serato DJ. It’s very nice to export my main database (in Lexicon) to Serato DJ as well. Last weekend I had a gig on Pioneer equipment and then I needed an export to Rekorbox, again I could use Lexicon.

However, it sometimes it feels a little buggy / a beta product. I know you are constantly working on updates/ patches etc and the bugs which I reported will be solved in future releases. Some examples:
-for my gig last weekend, I wasn’t able to export my playlists (which came from Lexicon) from rekordbox to my USB stick (Rekordbox on Windows 10). that’s a pitty, because I had to reinstall an old Rekordbox version and had to use the “XML-manner” (I only exported the playlists I needed for the gig, because my whole collection (50k songs) would take to long
-yesterday I reshuffeled/ restructured my complete collection, so today I would like to export it to Engine DJ, which resulted in an error (cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined. So also it’s impossible to update my Engine Library.

Therefore I’m a little bit disappointed. I’m paying EUR 15,- a month, which it’s worth if it works, but now I have mixed feelings about it. I can do nice things with Lexicon, but if I would actively using it for my gig’s it doesn’t work (so I’m paying for something that doesn’t work)…

Lexicon has been in (closed) alpha and beta for a year since before the release. At some point you have to say it is no longer beta and I feel that it reached that point. There will always be bugs or minor errors. I’m building Lexicon as a solo developer while reverse engineering 5 DJ apps. The amount of work is crazy. My main goal is always to fix bugs ASAP, especially critical ones, they get a fast update. So yes, you may encounter problems but if you report them you will see them fixed post haste.

The impact of these bugs will also be reduced when I find time to set up a beta release channel. Now I just haven’t had time to create that yet. When the beta channel is here, we can more easily put beta features in there before releasing it to everyone.

And if you’re not satisfied or feel it’s not worth the money, I do have a money back guarantee and I stand by that. I’d be happy to refund you and you can try again at a later time.

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