Play counts import from apple music, even though it is unchecked


I think this might be a bug, unless i am doing something wrong. I use apple music on mac to organise my music and also listen to music there while doing my organizing, there after i export it to xml file to import into lexicon dj. I noticed when i select the import playlist option any “new” (new to lexicon dj) tracks that have a play count in apple music gets imported even though the option has be unticked.

So my currently work flow is import into apple music, create folders with playlists, export to xml. Import xml into lexicon dj select playlist folder and import that. Hope this helps

New tracks should get everything imported, for those tracks the Specific Fields option does not work

So if a track does not exist in lexicon dj and gets imported all info gets imported meaning “specific fields” is ignored? And only there after does lexicon apply the specific fields options when re-importing and the track exists?

Yep, that’s right, Specific Fields is only for “merge” tracks, so tracks that already exist in Lexicon

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