Playlist not syncing to VDJ

I am on 1.6.3. I have not had any issues with syncing prior top today. Suddenly, I have a playlist that I imported from Serato DJ to Lexicon. I made the edits I needed in Lexicon, then tried a playlist sync to VDJ, but the playlist doesn’t show up. Tried a full library sync to VDJ, playlist still doesn’t show up. I ended up having to sync the playlist to Serato, accessing it in the “crates” section of Local Music in VDJ, then copying it to a VDJ list within the software.

Worth mentioning is that I recently updated to VDJ 2024, and I think they have modified how their library works. Not sure if that’s my issue or not.

Is this one specific playlist showing this problem or all new playlists?

Is this new VDJ 2024 out yet or in beta? I haven’t tested it yet

It’s in early access. I haven’t tried any other new playlists, as I’m trying to be intentional with library updates to avoid a cluttered mess.

Just created a dummy list to test, and it didn’t sync either. The 2024 version has changed their approach to playlists…This is from their changelog:

BUILD 8000 (2024-03-17)

Welcome to VirtualDJ 2024

What’s new:

  • CloudDrive: sync your lists to the cloud and stream them from anywhere (using googleDrive, oneDrive, iCloud, or dropbox)
  • Library organization: unified MyLists (with drive hotplug compatibility), instant folder shortcuts toolbar,
    linked-track view (your own private liveFeedback based only on your own history or tracks you manually link)
  • and more smaller improvements, like Fuzzy key mixing, the new trend in harmonic mixing

BUILD 8017 (2024-03-21)

  • fix clouddrive forgetting links when using oneDrive

  • fix crash when writing tag to file after switching clouddrive provider

  • new option browserAutoExportM3U to keep .m3u files available for backward compatibility with integrations made for vdj2023

  • upgrading from vdj2023 to vdj2024 also copy lists and filters that were inside Lists (and put them in Ideas)

  • better drag&drop of folders in the tree view

  • auto-scroll of tree view when mouse on top or bottom follow speed of mouse’s horizontal movement

  • new option browserShortcutDefaultIcon

  • new option browserPreviousFoldersButton

  • fix podcast uploads

Okay, going to have to wait until Lexicon officially supports that then