Point track matcher to a folder of music files

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I would like there to be an option in the Track Matcher to point Lexicon to a folder containing music files. It would search your library for matches to those files. Anything matched would be moved to a playlist similar to how things work now. But any files that the user does not have a checkbox next to plus any unmatched files would then be either moved to a subfolder, or given the option to import into Lexicon.

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When people share just a folder of music files, it is painful to go through tracks individually trying to determine if I have something matching in my database or if I need to import it. Would save alot of time.

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Not that I know of

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going through each track in the folder one by one.

What you can do is create a new playlist, then drag that folder into the new playlist. Then right click the playlist and choose Share → Quick Copy.

Paste that into the Track Matcher text area and you’ll get exactly what you’re after.

Yes, that works, but it involves several additional steps as well. Once I drag the folder into a playlist, those songs are included in my library. I need to then:

  1. quick copy so I can search them later
  2. create a smartlist to get the group of them outside of my primary library folder
  3. create a regular playlist of them so I can then delete them back out of Lexicon library

If I do not do these extra steps, then those tracks will also be included in the track matcher search. Am I missing something to avoid this?

It would be nice to track match this folder without having to add the tracks to my library…even temporarily.

After the quick copy step, you can CMD/CTRL + DEL them to remove them from Lexicon again

Yeah it’s extra steps but I don’t feel like this really needs it’s own function somewhere