Prefixing makes mess

I have added one playlist which replaced the first playlist in folder, changed prefix on all other playlists, and caused doubles in engine dj

There is another problem not related to this, but every time I delete the track from lexicon, it’s still listed in the engine but in red. It would make perfect logic to be deleted everywhere.

to go by these problems I usually delete engine bases on PC and drives and sync again. But It takes time to reanalyze everything back and cue points are lost…

Are you running a full sync? Playlist sync does not delete anything from Engine, only Full Sync does.

Can you give me more details on this Prefix bug? Are your playlists also duplicated in Lexicon or only in Engine? Are they still duplicated after a restart?

I did just playlist sync, this explains problem.

Doubled playlists with changed prefixes are only in engine, in lexicon everything is good, but again I did playlist sync, maybe It doesn’t track name change properly or something in that way and you end up with a duplicate.

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