Prevent deleting duplicate cues when importing both memory loops and hot loops to Rekordbox

I quite often set a memory loop within Rekordbox, and place a hot loop in the same position to give me some flexibility depending on what equipment I’m playing on when I do gigs.

At the moment, when importing from Rekordbox to Lexicon with ‘both hot cues and memory cues’ selected, Lexicon deletes one of the cues as the setting automatically deletes duplicate cues.

Is there any way to select ‘Both’ when importing from Rekordbox to Lexicon, but also tell Lexicon to not drop any duplicate cues?


Afraid not, usually people don’t want duplicate cues and they might have them from a different tool or just some time ago.
If they aren’t the same type, eg one is a cue and the other is a loop, then both should still be imported.