Prioritize Key Text over Key when importing from Traktor

So, i analyze all of my tracks through MIK, this, allows me to use Camelot Keys in Traktor, if i don’t analyze the Key through Traktor when i import new Tracks in it’s collection. Traktor automatically translates the Key text into it’s form of key, in Key column.

Importing Traktor’s Collection in Lexicon, overwrites the Key with Traktor’s open key or any other selected key format within Traktor’s settings.
Unfortunately, this means that all of my previously MIK analyzed tracks, have been overwritten by Lexicon and their key is now in open key format, although i choose to retain the original values when i imported my Traktor collection to Lexicon.
It would be better if we had an option to choose if we want to retain or prioritize the Key text “tag” as our key preference or keep the original key that is already written in the file tags and not the one that Traktor saves in the collection.

In the example below, you can see that the key text changed after i chose to check the consistency of the track to force Traktor to re-read the tags on the marked track.


Key is a bit weird in Traktor, since it allows 2 different values. It’s best to let MIK write to the common Key tag, then reload Key tag in Lexicon. After a sync to Traktor, it should show whatever it shows in Lexicon. If you want Camelot keys, you can set up Custom Keys in the Lexicon settings.