Problems analyzing tracks

Hi folks.
So I generally throw my tracks into mp3tag & then Mixed in Key first and then into Lexicon to analyze. Lately a few tracks just seem to hang, the circle icon just keeps spinning. Cannot cancel either. The settings are set to ignore key and not overwrite anything. Windows 10. Any ideas, thanks

Probably related to the new track loader, it was completely revamped.

Is this always happening to the same tracks?

Yes, same tracks that I retry. Hit & miss with new tracks. Some work fine other get jammed.

Can you upload a few of those that are always failing? I’ll test them here.
You can upload directly to me with this link:

I’m bringing out an update next week with several improvements so hopefully the analyzer won’t get stuck anymore. But if it does, please do report it again.

My analyzer also gets stuck but none of the tracks I’ve purchased and added since updating are analyzing a BPM at all which leads to Serato unable to see a BPM as well

Yep. Yesterday Lexicon completely crashed my machine, using over 5gigs ram and had to hard reset. Almost all of the songs in the screengrab just spins and takes an age to cancel. Have not bothered trying to add new tracks yet.

What version are you using? The latest 1.3.5 or earlier?

So just an update. I updated to version 1.3.6 and all is right with the world. Everything has analyzed. Good job!

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