QOL: Cue generation cancelled silently if you move tracks from Incoming

Lexicon version: 0.33
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
Less of a bug, more of a usability issue… If I have selected a batch of tracks, generate cues on them, and then approve them from the incoming folder, (moving to my final directory) the cue generation stops working. This is not that big of deal, and halfway expected, however there is no user notice of any kind, so it feels like things are still working, and they are not :slight_smile:

Again, no big deal if it works this way, just looking for either A) block approving incoming tracks if cues are generating (probably other operations too!), or give me a warning.

Good point. It will have the tracks queued for generating but they will go missing the moment you move them to their new target folder.

I’ll try to make this a bit more user friendly.