Question - Can we reorder all playlists in the library by bpm and key

Just wondering, is there a way to re-order all my playlists by bpm and key en masse?

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You can hold CMD or CTRL when sorting to sort by multiple columns

Perhaps I didn’t phrase my question correctly.

I want ALL my playlists and sub playlists to be ordered by BPM and Key.

That should apply to any playlist you’re looking at. But it won’t change the internal order, I think that is what you mean? When you sync a playlist to a DJ app, it will always use the internal order. Sorting by 2 columns is then up to the DJ app, which not every DJ app can do…

But no, there is no way to rewrite the internal playlist order currently

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Is it a feasible request?

For an optional feature To sort all internal playlist by bpm and key.

Perhaps during the export process if you don’t feel it’s necessary for the library

I can make it a playlist tool under the right click menu. WIll look into it for the next beta


Apologies if i am sounding needy

  1. in addition to considering for individual playlist

  2. let it be possible for multiple playlist at once. e.g. i can select all my playlists and tell it that all tracks should be in that order so when i export to engine stick and use play order the tracks are like that as well.

I would prefer not to have to be doing it individually.

Yep, that would work too then

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Added in beta, but only for a single playlist at a time


thank you Christiaan, this is a very handy feature for folks Dj’ing off USBs / rekordbox, as on standalone it currently not possible to sort by more thank one parameter, so this would effectively make it very easy to mix through playlists without having to constantly sort and filter (or reordering the playlists manually every single time)

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