Quick Question about importing from iTunes/AppleMusic

I tried to just drag and Drop a track from itunes/AppleMusic to Lexicon - is this any different from using the import function? Can I just use it as a quick way? Or does it make any problems then?

Thank you and regards!

Importing from DJ apps is different because it will also import the cues and beatgrids for those tracks.

Importing from iTunes is the same because there is no extra info like that. If you want to keep iTunes playlists though, then you should import.

So yes, you can use it as a quick way, that’s a totally normal way to add new tracks to your library.

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Of course! Thank you.

I usually update my itunes only every few weeks by exporting from Lexicon. It takes some time because of the AMP Library agent, but it became better, after I turned off the option that Itunes can organize my library.

Just another question:

I export my gigs to Serato as a crate, but the source are itunes tracks which I imoirted to Lexicon.

Some of the songs then are marked as Itunes, some are locked, some doesnt have a symbol and are probably directly from the hard drive. Is this making any trouble by this way or is it just a bug of serato that it doesn’t understand that the same track is located in itunes and exported from Lexicon?

I’m not really sure, usually it should recognize it is the same track because the track location is the same

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I checked, they are all in itunes. Specially I can see it with the path:

Not a problem for me, I was just wondering if I did something wrong :smiley:

Do you still have iTunes enabled in Serato? Maybe turn that off or it might import those too.

With Lexicon in the mix, it’s best to disable iTunes for your DJ apps.

After a full sync to Serato, it should be the same as your Lexicon

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Yes but I still use Itunes as a backup player, if anything goes wrong. Also Serato Autoplay is horrible, so for Weddings, Itunes is better für background music…