Random Cue Points generated Serato -> Engine DJ


I just downloaded lexicon and wanting to convert from Serato to Enginedj.

Some of the files successfully synced the cue points, but some have random cue points placements. See below example. Need help.

Serato 3.1.2
Engine DJ 3.4
Lexicon 1.6.4

What do the cues look like in Lexicon?

The same as in Engine DJ.

Can you upload that file so I can check it here?
You can upload with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com


I just sent the file

Did you use Mixed in Key on that file by any chance?
There is a problem with it where it has 2 sets of cues, I think this is a problem that MIK creates. Lexicon doesn’t know which of those 2 sets are the right ones so in this case it picked the wrong cues.

Yes, I did.

Is there a fix for this?

No, the problem lies (most likely) with MIK because they add a second set of cues (which is technically not allowed). Lexicon tries to read the file and finds the first set of cues and reads those. There is no way for Lexicon to know which of those 2 sets is the one you want.

Your best bet is to report this to MIK and make sure they fix this bug in an update.

Thank you!