Random playlist order when syncing library


Random one, but every time I sync my Lexicon lirbary/playlists to Serato DJ, it keeps putting my playlists in a random order.

Is there a way to fix this?

It should put it in the correct order when doing a Full Sync but it might not do that with a Playlist Sync, as those playlists are added to the existing playlists.

The _Serato_/neworder.pref file decides the crate order, make sure that file is writable.

Hey Christiaan,

Yeah I’m doing a full sync at the moment, and the .pref file is writable, but I still get that issue

My workflow at the moment is organising new music in Lxxicon and doing a full sync to Serato. If I make any major playlist changes on the fly, I’ll do a full sync back to Lexicon, and then repeat the process.

Could that be what’s causing it?

Could be, I’m not sure. What you can do is open the neworder.pref file with a text editor and check if the order of crates in there is correct after a full sync. If not, then Lexicon is doing it wrong.

Otherwise, it might be that Serato modifies the neworder file and does something wrong.