RBDJ Matching Feature Integration

One of the best, most underrated, underutilized features in all of DJ software is the relationship database feature inside RBDJ6. Pioneer calls this feature “Matching”… but it is so much more than that.

I will put a discription of this amazing feature further down in this post… but esssentially what i think the Lexicon feature should do is

  1. Scan one or multiple performance history files in the database of any dj software.

  2. Track how many times two particular songs are played back to back. Then track the number of times those songs are played back to back and save that number value to a secondary data field related to the relationship between those two tracks. Call that value something like “B2B Count”. or whatever

  3. The user should then be able to have the lexicon software build relationships between these songs using the matching feature based on the number of B2B count occurrences happen within the history file or multiple history files that the user chooses to scan.

The biggest deterrence from users engaging with that amazing matching feature is that you need to remember to hit the button and build the relationships when they present themselves during your performance or rely on the users memory when building these relationships during prep time. This Lexicon option would help the user build these relationships a better more efficient way.

Here is a description of what the matching function does and why its so valuable to DJs.

Relationship database … in rekordbox it’s called “Matching” and is used with a display function called “My Picks”

You play a track. You pick a new track to mix with it. You mix the tracks together and it’s amazing. Best pairing of two tracks you ever mixed. Something about those two tracks in your mind are working great together …

You think to yourself …”I need to remember this combination”.

And in Serato, traktor and vDJ your only option is to do something archaic like write the name of one track in the comments of the other and vice versa. Which I’ve done hundreds of times.

But that is just ONE relationship. What if it happens again with another track? And another, and another. I have some tracks that I want to remember to play with up to 10 other tracks in my database. With rekordboxdj you click this tiny little icon between the waveforms that looks like two chain links tied together. …Look at the picture in my post above.

Pressing that button makes a database metadata bond between the tracks … and then when one of those two tracks is the master in a live deck … you can click one button and see only the tracks that have a database relationship with that track. This is super amazing when you play with a music programming platform that uses the same finite group of songs every time. Like superstar international touring djs who play only their own production and productions of the other guys on their record label. Or wedding djs who play a very narrow range of broad spectrum demographic hits. Or a top40 Dj that plays from a 300 song playlist at their sport bar residency every Saturday night… created from the top downloads chart on Dj city and club killers.

Imagine when the stakes are high, you have a packed floor, you are programming on the fly and you need to pick the next track and you can’t make a mistake. With one press of a button you have the 7 best songs in your entire collection (sitting on one isolated playlist) to choose from.

It’s not cheating… it is the best of “you” with a photographic memory.

It takes commitment to make the feature effective. You have to remember to click the button when you find a desirable pairing. Having a feature inside lexicon to build these relationships for you would be amazing . It will improve your programming substantially when you are in a stressful situation.

Most underrated misunderstood feature in the Dj software market. Lexicon could bring this feature to life for thousands of DJs. :smile:

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It’s a great idea, something like that is already on the ideas list but it won’t be possible to view that data in the DJ apps (except Rekordbox). But still even then, it would be super useful to handle that inside Lexicon and then you’d have to search for the track in your DJ app.
With a good UI in Lexicon this would be a great addition and gives us some other interesting possibilities too.

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in my opinion … this matching feature inside RBDJ6 is the most useful, misunderstood and ignored feature in the dj performance software market. For a RBDJ6 user to get this feature engaged and the matches populated in the my picks data field with their performance history would be a game changer. You would be handing any DJ using RBDJ6 a photographic memory of their own performance history.

I think if more RB DJs were able to embrace this feature and see how much it would help them… it would put more pressure on the other companies to add this feature.

I gave this feature to Native Instruments in 2006 in an alpha tester feature submission and they just blew it off, then stuck a crappy variation of it into the TraktorDJ iOS app.

I would do backflips if you added this feature into RekordCloud 2.0.

It’s on my ideas list but I don’t think it will be short term, but I won’t forget either.

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