Recipe for extracting text string to new field

In cases where a field has text in the middle of the field contents you wish to extract into another field it gets pretty tricky with the current recipes to extract that. Here’s an example:

  • Tribal Resistance (Digital Re-Master) (K Complex Remix)

If I wanted to move the “(Digital Re-Master)” section into another field, because it’s not relevant to the title but it’s information I want to preserve right now the only way I can see to achieve that is:

  • Split Field on “(D” Sending “(Digital Re-Master) (K Complex Remix)” to the Mix field
  • Copy that Mix field to another spare empty field like Extra2.
  • In the Extra2 field run a remove text recipe with "(Digital Re-Master) "
  • Finally, use a Merge Fields recipe to Merge Extra2 back into the title leaving us with “Tribal Resistance (K Complex Remix)”

What I’d propose instead is a recipe that allows you to search for given text within a given field and move only that text to a new field. So pretty similar to the split text recipe, just that only the search string is moved, not the text proceeding it in the field. Naming is hard, best I could think of that’s short and sweet is “Extract Text” or “Search & Extract Text”.

EDIT: So in my case I did think of a better way to do this that’s less dependent on Recipies that might help someone in the event this doesn’t get added.

  • Filter your track browser to return all cases with “(Digital Re-Master)”
  • Select All tracks and use the Edit window to add “(Digital Re-Master)” to the Mix Field
  • Still with all the filtered tracks selected use a “Remove Text” Recipe to remove "(Digital Re-Master) " from the Title field

How about a recipe to extract text where you can enter the surrounding characters?
So in your example, you would be able to select ( as first surrounding character and ) as second.

This would result in Digital Re-Master which you can send to any other text field.

With two extra options:

  • Include surrounding characters: this would send (Digital Re-Master) to another field
  • Delete matched text: this would delete either Digital Re-Master or (Digital Re-Master) depending on the first option.

Yea that sounds good to me!

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