Recipe - Remove X number Chars from the beginning or End

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Add a recipe that will remove x number of characters from the beginning or end of a field

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Help fix track titles that have track number in the title.

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Check out the Remove Number Prefix smart fix

I used it and it did this below. But now the files wont rename to match the incoming settings.

the “Remove number Prefix” doesn’t help with files that have BPM number in the title.
Having the ability to Remove “5” characters from the beginning or the end from any field would help. (2.3 MB)
File was made in windows 11 record steps program.

Example of how I have to remove the BPM from the end of the title field.

If we could remove {number of chars + location (end, beginning) + field name} this would help.

Doug’s AppleScripts » Remove n Characters From Front or Back v7.2 » Official Download Site (

With a combination of recipes you can do almost anything, but sometimes will be more steps. Since it’s in bulk, I don’t think that is a problem.

For your kbps - , you can use the Remove Text recipe and just fill in that text

yes, but if I can say remove 4 chars from the end than I don’t need to put remove file with " 103" at the end. It’s easy to say remove 4 chars from end and it would include " ???"
rather than me doing it 1 group at a time.