Recipe to add Silence to the start of a track

Floating an idea to see if others regularly have this issue.

When going through some older vinyl rips in particular I sometimes find tracks where the actual start of the grid should be placed before 00:00:00 (ie. Part of the very first beat of the track is missing in the recording). I can just start the grid at the start of the second beat, but that can trip you up if you’re playing around 16-bar phrases when they don’t line up with the track. A better solution (short of just repurchasing a digital version of the track, assuming it’s available) would be adding some blank space to the start of the audio file so that the grid can be placed correctly. I’d propose this as a recipe to “Add X bars of silence” to the start/end of a track

This feature might also be helpful for people that make a lot of use out of beat jump as having a little bit of empty space at the beginning of a track can ensure you don’t lose your beatmatch if you hit a beat jump back to the start of the track a little too early.

I can certainly add this blank space to the track external to Lexicon in other software and this is what I’d do for my vinyl rip examples if this isn’t a popular idea, but having this in Lexicon for tracks with existing cues/grids would mean they don’t get moved to the wrong spot when the space is added directly to the file externally to Lexicon.

I understand this is a little bit of an out-there idea as Lexicon doesn’t currently have anything that directly modifies the audio component of the file. Just wanted to gauge if others saw usefulness in this idea as something that might be beneficial for Lexicon in the medium term.

For sure interesting but it would need to be part of a broader audio editing feature set I think. I don’t really want to turn Lexicon into Audacity but I can imagine there are useful DJ specific edits we could do.