Red tracks in engine DJ

Hi Folks, new user here, I had engine already installed and had my tracks sorted in to playlists by Genre, I noticed there was a LOT of duplicates, so I got lexicon to deal with this and also manage my collection going forwards, I imported my engine library in to lexicon and did the duplicate search. it worked like a charm and found over 2400 duplicate tracks, this has obviously saved massive amounts of space, so I sync the database back and in engine…nothings changed other than it’s now showing the deleted tracks in red (obv they are no longer there), does this mean that when you sync back it doesn’t actually sync the database in engine? if not is there a solution to this that doesn’t mean deleting my playlists and re-importing every time I use lexicon to make significant changes? I’m really impressed with it tbh but this is a deal breaker to me :confused:

No, that’s not normal. Did you do a Full Sync after using the duplicate scanner? Only a full sync also removes those unused tracks from Engine

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That will be why then, I thought just updating the playlists would remove the deleted tracks from the playlists, I did find a temp workaround though but next time I’ll do a full sync back, I ended up just changing the composer to “lexicon” on the files themselves, then sorting on composer :slight_smile: quick and dirty I know but it worked lol, glad to know it does wotk the way I’d hoped it does :slight_smile:

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Hi @Christiaan

Quick question a few folks using engine sporadically have an issue where they cant export playlists to usb in Engine DJ. The solution usually requires a total rebuild which as you can imagine is total PIA.

I have been suggesting to such users to try their broken database in lexicon i.e before they go the rebuild engine library route, they can upload the “faulty” engine database to lexicon, delete/archive the engine database, then try sync back from lexicon to engine dj.

  1. is my suggestion good?
  2. do you know anyone that has tried it?

I think that would work. If you delete the database from the USB prior to the sync, it will be a fresh database. I’m not sure what the issue is they are having, but a fresh database probably doesn’t have it (not that I know of anyway). You would get unanalyzed tracks on the USB that way, but Denon hardware can analyze on demand.

I think they may have something wrong with the main database. Many of them did try reformatting their usb drive but they just end up with the same issue.

Only thing that seem to work is if they actually delete the main database and rebuild the library from the scratch again.

It’s a strange one. I have never encountered it btw.

There are some mysteries that I don’t know regarding the Engine databases either, especially when it comes to the Sync Manager and what magic it does exactly.