Reimport Cue and Hit Cue date from backup


So I did a tonne of cleaning up but I have now really poor beat grids on a majority of my 17000 tracks in Lexicon. I had manually set most of these on Rekordbox and have a backup.

(they are also on my USBs as the correct grids)

What would be the workflow to restore these to my tracks now in Lexicon?
I also have a hot and memory cue set at the same points for quick scrolling through tracks.

TLDR, Lexicon cleaned up my duplicates, found missing song files and cleaned tags.
Lexicon also removed years of beat grids cues and memory cues and i’d like them back on my rekordbox library now it’s been cleaned.


Did you restore the Rekordbox backup? So now your grids are good again in Rekordbox?

Then you can import only the beatgrids into Lexicon. On the Import page, make sure the Merge option is enabled and then the Specific Fields option will appear. Open the Specific Fields popup and only check Beatgrid. Then import and it will only replace your beatgrids in Lexicon with the ones you have in Rekordbox.