Rekkord box won't let me burn USB Stick - says device corrupt

Rekkord box won’t let me burn USB Stick - says device corrupt - pls advise this is why I bought lexicon in the first place - was orig working, than changed computers and now its not
gets like 75% done and than errors and entire program crashes - than says device is corrupt (exFat)
device is brand new and this is second one (1TB) sanddisk

Apple M2 Max - 2023 Mac Studio w/ Ventura - 13.6 (22G120)
w/ latest version of lexicon
w/ 6.77 version of rekkord box

Have you tried formatting the USB after it says corrupt? Might be some old files on there that are causing problems now

thank you for response , in. answer yes reformatted 10 times, started from scratch 10 times, downloaded new lexicon and rekkord box, did pretty much everything I could think of including returned orig stick to sanddisk and got new one, same problem, …

I’ve seen it once before that a corrupt track in RB was causing a problem like this. Since you’re saying it gets to 75% every time, maybe that’s when the corrupt track is being copied and crashes it.

Can you try doing a few playlists at a time, to confirm that works normally? Maybe you can figure out what track it is that way… Not ideal and a bit slow but could work.

Thank you again for suggestion I will try, I will try - should I continue to migrate stuff from lexicon or in this case put the stuff direct into rekkordbox

If you use Lexicon in your workflow, it’s always best to add tracks directly to Lexicon. Because then you only need to sync to RB and never need to import

last question , how do I find that corrupt track (if thats the problem)

That’s more difficult… You can try the Find Broken Tracks utility in Lexicon, but there’s no guarantee it will find it, probably it won’t.
The other way is exporting all your tracks in batches to USB, figure out which batch it errors on and keep narrowing it down