Rekord Box 7 export to usb problems

Hei, im using the slow official way to export my playlist from serato to RB7. That works fine but when i wanna update my usbs it always wipes the whole usb instead of just adding the song which have been added to the lists. What am i doing wrong?

If you use the offical way (XML) then it’s all up to Rekordbox what is happening there, Lexicon doesn’t do anything to the RB database there. So this is a RB problem really.
That said, I don’t know what the reason could be.

How do you know it wipes the USB?

Yeah it has to be a rb problem, im sorry…

I know bc there is a window whoch literally says „deleting 1/500“ and wipes all my playlists through…

That’s odd though, never seen that before… I don’t think that’s normal. Maybe the RB forum has more info on it

Thanks a lot, but ive another question. When im importing in rekordbox (import playlists) there is a progress bar 1/8000 Tracks where you can see the progress of adding the new songs (only the now songs will be added so it says for example 5030/8000 and then 8000/8000) the problem is it always gets stuck at 8000/8000 and the only way to finish the task is by terminating the adding process.

Also a RB 7 bug? has never happend to me at RB 5

XML import is very slow and is known to have bugs in the past. But honestly I haven’t used the XML import much in a long time, because the direct sync from Lexicon is superior in every way. Just cloud sync compatibility is missing there.

So yeah it could be a new RB7 bug but I wouldn’t really know

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okay, ive never tryed the unofficial fast way because i always thought its not working properly then. i have to try this!! Not using cloudsync anyways because literally no clubs do have a cdj setup where this woould work