Rekordbox 5.8.7 can't read xml file properly

After using the demo to export my Serato Dj library to Rekordbox (which worked fine), I subscribed to continue using Lexicon.

There seems to be an issue when I want to export and xml file for Rekordbox now. It seems the file is unreadable for rekordbox. It states "The Rekordbox xml file specified is unable to be read properly.
I did update to the new Lexicon version. Maybe there’s a bug there?

I do need to convert my files in a few days so any speedy help is welcome.

dj Wasp

That is a very generic error and most likely it is that Rekordbox can’t find the file. Check that in your preferences first

You’re right. The location was changed after I updated Pioneer Rekordbox. Thanks for the quick feedback!

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