Rekordbox 6 Import Error on lexicon 1.6.2

Hello I cant seems to get my Rekordbox Library imported.

My Rekordbox Database Management is located on an External Drive. Could that be the issue?
OSX 10.15 (Catalina)


Nothing changed there recently but looking at the error it seems there is some strange data in your database.

Can you upload your Rekordbox database? It’s this file: /Users/user/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/master.db

You can upload with this link:

Morning. Thank you so much for replying. Master.db uploaded.


I don’t see anything uploaded, can you try again?

Hi again. All Browsers(Chrome, Safari, firefox, DuckDuckgo) keep giving. me following error…
Failed to contact the API


Can you upload with wetransfer or something else?

I've got Dropbox. Or can attached here in email???

It seems to be something with the external. I did a new install with rekordbox Database on internal SSD and Lexicon was able to import library. Could it be because external is named in capitals. (MUSIC DJ)


I can’t really say until I test the database here.

You can send a link here, I’ll download it

Rhank you very much. Attached.


master.db (1.55 MB)

I don’t see an error when importing that. It only has 93 tracks, is that accurate?

Noooooo. No way. Attached…


Hello Again Christian. Sorry if i am being a pain, but i’d really like to see if lexicon can help my workflow. I subscribed before doing that but its ok.
I got it working but starting over. Moved database to Internal drive and it worked. Moved back to External and got the same Error. So it is most certainly something with my External. It is formated as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Will reformat as Fat and see if it makes a difference, and update you on my results.


Thanks for letting me know. Best to keep your database on internal, it’s faster too.

I suspect the error doesn’t come from the database but from a Rekordbox settings file, something there might be wrong.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll check and confirm the above.

faster? Really. Did not know that. I got it to work but being a network Engineer i’m trying to figure out why. Here is how it worked…
Crates/ Playlist created in Lexicon. Synced Lexicon to Serato, Serato to rekordbox. Rekordbox database and xml on internal. Loaded up 135 analyzed tracks and moved Moved database to external. Was able to sync to Rekordbox to Lexicon.:flushed::thinking::hugs:


Okay bit weird but if it works, it works!

If you see the error again later, can you upload logs again right after that? And let me know here. I didn’t see anything in the logs this time but I didn’t get complete logs from yesterday for some reason.

Awesome support. Thanks for the reply. I will do. Working on it today.