Rekordbox and LEXICON would shift BeatGrid

I use both Rekordbox and Serato and use LEXICON so that I can always play the same playlist.

HOT CUE points and grid adjustments in Rekordbox, full sync to LEXICON, and full sync from LEXICON to Serato.

Rekordbox ⇆ LEXICON ⇆ Serato

It is difficult to explain, so please take a look at the image, but with LEXICON, 1grid is set on the 4th beat.

I understand that this happens because the beat grid is before the first grid due to the long silent part of the song, but is there any way to deal with this?

If I set up the first grid on LEXICON, there is no problem, but as I told you at the beginning, I use Rekordbox and Serato with full SYNC, so if I sync Rekordbox and LEXICON again, the grid has to be corrected again.

What Lexicon version are you using? This issue should have been fixed in one of the last releases

I’m using version 1.5.6.

After updating to version 1.5.8, the problem is resolved.

Thank you for your advice!

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